The Great God Pan

Horror – Feature

When a social media influencer is violently murdered, her sister must uncover a connection to an old horror novel – before it is too late to stop its malevolent cult.

Meta-adaptation of Arthur Machen’s classic horror novella.

The Folk

Horror – Feature

1890. When a pair of abused teenage twins discovers mysterious faeries living in the garden of their country home, they also discover a way to exact revenge on anyone that ever wronged them.


Sci-Fi – Feature

Sent to infiltrate a rebellion on a prison moon in order to regain her freedom, a disgraced military officer finds she must fight something threatening a universal cataclysm – another version of herself.

The God Particle

Sci-Fi – Feature

When a scientist searching for the Higgs boson particle clones his deceased daughter, he must go on the run to keep his discovery from his power-hungry superiors.


Horror – Feature

When a DIA operative undercover at Chernobyl discovers reactor number 4 has been destroyed, he must escape through the Red Forest with his pregnant wife, pursued by an even greater, ancient threat…


Sci-Fi – Short

A detective must find a murderer before it’s too late – by interviewing the victim.

The Reliquarian

Sci-Fi / Steampunk – Feature

In a steampunk London, a policeman must investigate a cult and stop them from releasing a dangerous artificial intelligence – before he succumbs to his own terminal illness.

Knock Three Times

Horror – Short

When a woman spends some time alone in the woods, she must deal with an intruder that forces her to re-evaluate everything she thought to be true.